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Zarqa Life Soap

Traditional Levantine Cold-Process Olive Oil Soap

Spearheaded by Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians working together towards a better future.

Deeply Luxurious

We use 100% natural ingredients that are luxurious and kind to skin.

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Sustaining Cultures

Made with organic virgin olives harvested from our groves in Ajloun.

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Custom Order

From wedding favours and baby showers to wholesale orders…

Design your own soap from a range of recipes, moulds, scents, and herbs.


The ‘Soap Story’ project is an off-shoot from our Women’s Empowerment Program, and is led by Najwa Mohammed, a Syrian refugee residing in Zarqa. Her team comprises of three other local women who were facing economic and personal challenges. However, they are now overcoming these obstacles, thanks to their employment in the Soap Workshop.

The base soap recipe consists of just four ingredients; cosmetic-grade lye, organic olive oil, coconut oil and purified water. All our ingredients are sourced from local farms or our own gardens. Not using a myriad of chemicals makes the recipe difficult and expensive, but the end product is definitely worth it. Olive oil is one of nature’s best natural anti-septics, moisturisers, and healers.

We carefully choose additional ingredients which will enhance the olive oil’s nourishing characteristics, such as lemon peel, or goat’s milk.


The Heart of the Levant

Traditional skills and recipes are at risk due to the instability of the region and the influence of big, low-quality brands. It is our duty to ensure that the Levantine culture lives on in future generations. 

We harvest our olives from groves in Ajloun, a northern region of Jordan, so that our soap is made with 100% organic pure virgin olive oil. 

We use a traditional recipe from the levant that is cold-process, meaning no heat is used to combine the ingredients. Instead, the olive oil and the soda react with each other, and at the end of the first curing process the soda disappears, leaving behind just the cleansing and foaming properties that are kind to skin.

The Team

Najwa, with her husband and her daughter, fled Syria when the war took her only son and permanently disabled her husband. Working with the ZLC, she helped set up the registered company ‘Soap Story’ which produces Zarqa Life Soap.


Sharouq also fled Syria to find peace in Jordan. She has two young boys and is settled in Zarqa with her husband and extended family. She finds independence and a support network in the soap project. 


Amani is originally from Zarqa, however since she began working with Najwa and the soap team, she has been able to supplement her household income and is proud to no longer need to ask her husband for money.