Economic Empowerment


Our Economic Empowerment Program aims to equip Zarqa’s most vulnerable women with the tools that might enable them to save or earn money.

Education & Welfare


We run a pre-kindergarten program which is attended by around 45 children per year, in addition to a Special Needs project, Day Care, and special activities in the summer.

Adult Education

With children to raise and homes to tend, women’s educations are often overlooked. We offer a range of educational and livelihood courses to help women learn and grow.

Outreach & Community Engagement

From counselling to day trips, the ZLC offers a range of psycho-social activtities that have a healing effect on individuals and communities. 

We feel this center is our home and gives us the right to breathe and to have a private space where we can do whatever we like to do.” 

– Syrian Beneficiary, 2017

Beneficiaries Reached 2018*


Vulnerable Jordanian Women Reached 2018


Syrian Refugee Women Reached 2018

Children Enrolled in Pre-K 2018

  *Jan – Apr 2018