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Women's Psychosocial Support

We refocused our goals for 2019, and returned to our core mission of providing specialised psychosocial support to some of the most vulnerable women in Zarqa. 

Children's Psychosocial Program

Confidence-building workshops, arts & crafts, non-formal education, and music classes.

The Jana Program

In memory of little Jana, who battled with brittle bone disease for 7 years, we re-named the Special Education Program ‘The Jana Program’.
This program offers special needs support to up to 10 children, and their parents, a year. 

Livelihoods & Empowerment


Our Economic Empowerment Program aims to equip Zarqa’s most vulnerable women with the tools that might enable them to save or earn money.

We feel this center is our home and gives us the right to breathe and to have a private space where we can do whatever we like to do.” 

– Syrian Beneficiary, 2017

Beneficiaries Reached 2018*


Vulnerable Jordanian Women Reached 2018


Syrian Refugee Women Reached 2018

Children Enrolled in Pre-K 2018

  *Jan – Apr 2018